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Additional Human Trafficking Information

For more information about human trafficking, please check out the following websites:

In the 2015 Montana legislative session there were a couple of bills to address the problem of human trafficking. Below is information about one such bill that passed and was signed into law.

HB 89: “Generally revise human trafficking laws”

Sponsored by: Rep. Kimberly Dudik (D) HD 94

Bill summary: This bill addressed many aspects of human trafficking. One element of the bill I think it is important to highlight is the way it shifted the approach the law and society have all too often taken toward those charged with prostitution or promoting it, specifically those who are themselves victims of human/sex trafficking. This bill, in applicable situations, furthers a fundamental shift under the law from categorizing such individuals as “criminals” to more appropriately viewing and treating them as “victims.”

The Montana Catholic Conference SUPPORTED this bill and testified in support.

Bill history: The bill passed the House and was concurred by the Senate. To find all audio & video of testimony and debate for this bill, please click here.   The bill was signed by Governor Bullock.